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In this modern world, refrigerator is a product that most of us cannot live without. By contacting Our Thousand Oaks appliance technicians don’t only repair appliances, but they also give their advices on maintenance of your oven. Our environmentally-friendly and high quality repairs are quite cost effective and they come with a warranty which includes both parts and labor. We can repair ovens in both commercial and residential environments. Our appliance repair technicians are experts and specialists who can take proper care of oven control setting repair, door gasket replacements, timer replacements, broiler an oven heating replacements, heating element replacements, shutoff valve repair, ignition system repair, pilot valve repairs, and many more types of repairs.
, you can be sure that our specialist technicians will have the refrigerator back to best working order affordably and promptly. Our technicians are extremely courteous, professional and especially effective. We offer the best appliance repair services in Thousand Oaks area.

The Most Common Refrigerator Problems
Most refrigerators work by cooling freezer, then using same cold air for cooling the refrigerator. Though it may appear fairly easy, there are lots of elements that should work together to get temperature right. Here are a few items that can go wrong in your refrigerator: 
• Over-freezing or Ice build-up 
• Does Not cool properly
• Leaking water
• Condensation
• Smells bad
• Very noisy or making strange noises
• Does not work / no power
• Ice machine malfunction
• Broken or chipped shelves
If you’re experiencing any such issues, give us a call and we’ll get our refrigerator repair Thousand Oaks service specialists as fast as possible. Our highly-trained and qualified technicians have the experience to know what they should look for while diagnosing your fridge. We will look out for frost pattern, kind of ice build, condensation or water dripping so as to help locate the source of problem. Our professional appliance repair technicians are especially trained to work on various gas compressors. Our technicians will offer you with full diagnostic quote which will let you to make informed decision about repairs.